Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 2nd, 2017


Sometime in July I stumbled upon these notebooks called Bullet Journals. I was instantly super intrigued, because these "journals" were certainly not your standard journals. Instead of pages full of lines, these had pages full of dots. Using the dots, you had the ability to create boxes, grids, and all other types of layouts. The people using these Bullet Journals had such bright, colorful, and creative pages! It wasn't just flat text on a was doodles and charts and so much color!

As many of you know, I love being organized, Making lists and schedules and's my favorite. I mean, I have two calendars! I've always wanted to journal, but I've never been too attracted to the boring, repetitive pages in a boring, mediocre book. I suppose that's why I opted for a bright Blog with pictures! ;) But the Bullet Journal (or "BuJo" for short) was definitely something I could get onboard with.

I received my BuJo midway through July. I didn't want to start it in the middle of a month, so I decided to wait until August to officially start. Until then, I started to look for ideas on what kinds of pages I wanted and how I would lay out my entries. As of today, I have officially established a daily layout in my BuJo! The start of each month includes:

Daily Doings: Brief words giving a summary of each day.

Memories: I will illustrate the highlights of my month with cute little doodles. :)

"Make Each Day Sunny!": I will write one thing that made me smile/I am grateful for from each day.

Habit Tracker: A grid layout that lists all the "habits" I want to keep track of. Currently, I have 18 listed to try and accomplish each day!

When it comes to the daily schedules, I displayed an image of my layout above. At the start of each new week I will list the days the week covers, along with a few things I'd like to track that week (this includes my sleep, water intake, and work outs). I also put a general "To-Do" box at the bottom for things that need to be done that week, but not on any specific day or time.

For each day, half the page is designated. The top box lists all the events and things I need to do for the day (from work to cleaning to appointments). The next section is where I will list "what day it is"...meaning, if it's someone's birthday or a holiday. If it's not any special day, I have decided to look up fun, silly "holidays" or events that happened on that day in the past. :) Below that is weather information. I'm going to record the day's high and low temperatures, plus what kind of general weather had that day (sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc). Beneath that I have a big white space...because I don't know what else to fill it with yet, lol. I might just save it for a daily doodle. At the bottom I have a place to write down some scripture from my daily devotion. Beside that, I will list what I read (for fun) that day, and how far into the book I got.

Overall I am really happy with how my journal is coming. It's so cute and creative...I can't wait until August is done and I can look back through all my colorful pages! :D

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