Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7th, 2017

After work today, Mike and I headed over to the Donelson's place to see everyone! We hadn't seen his family since we got back from vacation, so we were very excited to be going over there! Once we arrived we sat down for a delicious dinner of steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Michael, Charlotte, Laura, Mike (Sr.), and I had some great conversation catching up and being our usual silly selves. Charlotte filled me in on all her school information, since she's going to Pensacola (Florida) in the fall instead of back to Wheaton. I am excited for her and all the opportunities...but I'm seriously going to miss her all throughout the fall season. :(

After dinner we decided impulsively to go to the driving range. Mike and Char loaded up their clubs and then we five headed off! Michael, Mike (Sr.), and Char all had fun swinging away while Laura and I sat watching and chatting. Eventually, the two of us took a few swings as well - I was awful (unsurprisingly). But it was all still good fun. We headed to Andy's afterward to get some ice cream custard. ;) The moon was so pretty tonight! We enjoyed gazing at it while we enjoyed our frozen treats.


When we got back to the house we decided, as per the usual, to pop in a movie! We choose Saving Mr. Banks, which I had never seen but always wanted to. It was so good. I honestly loved it so much. (Though, I love just about anything Disney! ;D) It was sad, but so beautiful and inspiring. I adored every minute of it.

All in all, another wonderful night had with all my favorite people. :)

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